Infokom Center





Ir. Suyatno, M.Si.
The Chief of Infokom UMM


Information and Communications Center (Infokom) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang is responsible for the development and provision of ICT facilities for all kinds of activities; academic activities, administration, and human resource development, and academic quality guarantee. The facilities are: internet, intranet, and hotspot. Besides, several Management Information Systems (SIM) are also being developed to facilitate administration process in all fields of areas.


Infokom Center performs its duties based on the Main Duties and Functions (Tupoksi) given the university leaders. To provide a clear direction for the development of ICT at UMM, Infokom has developed Strategic Plans (Renstra) 2009-2013. The plans have also been adapted with the rector's policy on the regulation of ICT use at UMM.


To perform the implementation of its duties, Infokom is supported by five divisions: Network, Hardware, Information System Development, Education, and Business Divisions.


If you find problems related to ICT services at UMM, you can directly contact us at ICT Center building, eastern part of UMM pool, 2nd floor. Besides, you can call this number: +62 341 464318-19, Ext. 159 (Chief and Hardware Division), 158 (IT Education and Training Division), and 178 (Network Division).

 E-mail : infokom[at]umm.ac.id