Infokom Partnership

Recently, Information and Communication Institute of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang has cooperated with several institutions within and outside of the country. The partnership is in the form of several activities, such as: procurement on hardware and bandwidth, education, training, etc.

Several existing institutions are:

1.  Microsoft Campus Agreement with Microsoft

2.  Cooperation on Bandwidth purchase with Indosat (IM2)

3.  Hardware vendors: Sega Computer, DRM Group, Arta Computer, Delta Solusindo, Ronggolawe Computer,
     Multi Media Computer,  Mandiri Computer, Indovisual Presentatama)

4.  IT raining institutions

5.  Inherent with the Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti)

6.  Indonesian Digital Library Network

7. Jardiknas (Jaringan Pendidikan Nasional/National Education Network)

8. Telkom Indonesia (Astinet)

9. Ebiz Surabaya